About Our SIQMA

Siqma is a kind assistant, helping you to have the tools and facilities by your hand, in order to feed your ideas! For years, we have been working hard to satisfy our customers by developing Siqma as platform to make electronic and robotic components easier to access than ever.

Siqma loves new technologies and always tries to find the bests for his clients. Siqma is made by thoughts, affords and intelligence of people who wanted to make something worthy. Siqma loves Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, Mechatronics, Raspberry Pi, IoT, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, DIY Projects,Development Boards, Innovation and Creativity, and if you are similar minded, Siqma loves you too! Siqma truly believes that a great idea is not always sophisticated and strange. Simple ideas are capable of making big changes and we want to be a part of those changes that make the world a better place for human beings, so go ahead! Siqma is at your service!

Idee Logistik

Supplying facilities to convert your ideas into prototypes

Schnelle Lieferung Netzwerk

Fast worldwide delivery by a wide range of couriers


Pre-purchase consultation and after sales support


Simple proccess and easy ordering, Chears!

unsere Projekte

We always get ourselves involved into new projects to keep our knowledge and skills up to date, in order to serve our customers better. Here are a few of our projects:

Unsere Dienstleistungen

We always try to extend our services and enhance their quality, We also try to use our creativity in our services to value our customers and inspire them to make their ideas.

Idee Logistik

Siqma has a well-developed platform to supply a wide range of electronic and robotics components, in order to convert ideas into prototypes or even final products.

Technische Beratung

Sometimes you have an idea, but you don't know how to start or how to make it, Siqma is ready to help you!


Siqma tries to be a kind assistant, we always try to make Siqma smarter and more professional to support our customers better than ever.

3D Drucken und CNC Gravur

If you are looking for professional 3D printing or you want to make your parts by CNC machines, just ask Siqma!

PCB Design und Prototyping

Siqma is ready to make a PCB from your idea, Make the final prototype or even help you to optimize it.


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What peolpe are saying

I always check your store for new parts and modules, which makes the blood rush in my veins!

Mohammad Ali Student

You helped me progress in my 3d printing career in the past two years.

Moein Maker

Just wanted to thank Siqma for quality components, reliable packaging and in-time delivery

Kaveh Professional